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This Week's Saltwater Shipment

This Week's Saltwater Arrivals:
- Bangaii Cardinal
- Yellow Coris Wrasse
- Atlantic Pygmy Angelfish
- Black Cap Basslett
- Antenna Goby
- Pearly Jawfish
- Yasha Goby w/ Shrimp
- Royal Gramma
- Copper Band Butterfly
- Blue Reef Chromis
- Sunshine Chromis
- Allen's Damsel
- Evansi Anthias
- Bali Coral Beauty Angelfish
- Sailfin Tang
- Bumble Bee Goby
- Orange Spotted Prawn Goby
- African Lyretail Anthias
- Tiger Sifter Goby
- Gumdrop Goby
- Blue Tang (SM)
- Cleaner Wrasse
- Green Pincushion Urchin
- Peppermint Shrimps
- Mexican Turbo Snails
- Emerald Crab
- Tiger Pistol Shrimp
- Randall Shrimp
- Gold Bar Maroon Clown
- Yellow Watchman Goby
- Lubbuck's Wrasse
- Candy Wrasse
- Rose Anemone
- Nassarius Snail
- Chocolate Chip Starfish
- Green Sinularia
- Metallic Wall Hammer


Arrived Monday 4/6

Here's what arrived yesterday:

Yellow Cherry Shrimps
Danionella Translucida
White Cloud Mountain Minnow

Arrived today 4/7 Tuesday:

Anubias nana petite
Anubias barteri 'broad leaf'
Cryptocoryne mioya
Cryptocoryne wendtii Brown & Green
Cryptocoryne willisii
Echinodorus hadi red pearl
Echinodorus horizontalis
Echinodorus diamon red
Echinodorus horizontalis mini
Rotala macrandra mini pink
Echinodorus 'Small Bear'
Trident Fern
Philippine Fern
Micranthemum Monte Carlo
Dwarf Baby Tears in Cup
Dwarf Hair grass Mini
Barclaya longifolia 'Red' bulb
Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'
Lysimachia nummularia 'Green'
Ludwigia peruensis
Micro Sword Potted
Echinodorus 'Big Bear' Mother Plant

Have a wonderful week!

Neptune Aquatics

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Plants Arrived 3/31

Dwarf Baby Tears Mat
Crypt Assorted
Moss Balls
Broad Leaf Ludwigia
Jungle Val
Golden Lloydiella
Rotala Indica
Dwarf Hairgrass
Assorted Bunched Plants

Have an awesome week!


New Saltwater Fish & Inverts 3/31

New Arrival Tuesday 3/31:

Allard's Clownfish
Blue Eye Anthias
Skunk Clown
Midas Blenny
Exquisite Wrasse
McCosker's Wrasse
Spotted Bristletooth
Fairy Wrasse
Chocolate Chip Starfish
Harqlequin Shrimp
Sebae Anemone
Orange Sponge
Royal Grammas
Mandarin Goby
Hector's Goby
Tailspot Blenny
Twinspot Blenny
Pink Spot Watchman
Six Line Wrasse
Blue Eye Cardinal
Purple Whip
Randall's Goby
Divided Wrasse
Diamond Tail Flasher
Radiant Wrasse
Flameback Angel
Lyretail Anthias
Fire Shrimp

Purple Gorgonians
Green Plates
Acropora Cultured
Orange Plates
Candy Canes


New Freshwater Fish Arriving 4/1

Freshwater Fish Arriving tomorrow (Wednesday 4/1):

Black Angelfish
Apisto Viejita Red Neck
Apistogramma Hongsloi
German Blue Ram
Bolivian Ram
Six Corydoras
Corydoras Schwartzi
Green Phantom Pleco
Dwarf Anchor Catfish
Kuhli Loach
Sumo Loach
Yoyo Loach
Dwarf Chain Loach
Polka Dot Loach
Gecko Lizard Loach
Burma Boarder Loach
Saddled Hillstream Loach
Spotted Hillstream Loach
Purple Pencilfish
Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Rummy Nose Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Yellow Polkadot Rasbora
Neon Green Rasbora
Chili Rasbora
Sunset Honey Gourami
Chocolate Gourami
Strawberry Licorice Gourami
Neon Dwarf Rainbow
Gold Killiefish
Rachovii Killiefish
Cardinal Tetras

Have a great week!!!

Neptune Aquatics


FW Fish Arrived 3/26

Here's the new arrivals for Thur 3/26:

German Blue Rams
Electric Blue Rams
Corydoras Axelrodi
Corydoras Habrosus
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Corydoras Sodalis
Corydoras Similis
Corydoras Sterbai
Ancistrus Calico
Ancistrus Green Dragon
Hypancistrus Mega Clown L340
Hypancistrus King Tiger Pleco L066
Blue Phantom Pleco L128
Green Phantom Pleco L200
Clown Pleco
Dwarf Chain Loach
Reticulated Hillstream Loach
Cardinal Tetras
Rummynose Tetras
Ruby Tetras
Glowlight Tetra
Emerald Dwarf Rasbora
Glowlight Danio
Purple Harlequin Rasbora
Chili Rasbora
Exclamation Point Rasbora
Yellow Polkadot Rasbora
Roseline Sharks
Sunset Honey Gourami
Sparkling Gourami
Scarlet Badis
Neon Dwarf Rainbow Praecox
Pseudomugil Gertrudae
Chocolate Australe Killie
Oryzias Woworae
Norman's Killiefish
Rachovii Killie
Stiphodon Semoni
Pea Puffer
Apisto Trifasciata
Apisto Agassizi Double Red
Trigonostigma Hengeli Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Emperor Tetra
Red Flame Gourami
Powder Blue Gourami
Peacock Gudgeon
Siamese Algae Eater
Corydoras Concolor Blue
Pseudomugil Furcatus
Pseudomugil Ivantsoffy
Dwarf Pencilfish

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Neptune Aquatics