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1238 N. 5th St.
San Jose, CA 95112
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Monday - Friday: 11am to 7pm
Saturday\Sunday: 11am to 6pm

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FW Fish Arriving Today after 2pm

Apisto Cacatuoides Double Red
Kitty Tetra
Red Pristella Tetra
Pretty Tetra
Pristella Tetra
Cardinal Tetras
White Cloud LF Red
Phoenix Rasbora
Apisto Agassizi Orange Fire
Apisto Hongsloi
German Gold Ram
Apisto Agassizi Double Red
Apisto Sunset
Forktail Blue Eye Rainbow
Threadfin Rainbow
Assorted Guppies M/F
Swordtails Black Berlin, Koi Tricolor, Red Velvet, Mix Lyretail

Have a great weekend!


This is an incredible week to visit us again. Lots and lots of new goodies arrived this week!

- Blue Star Wrasse
- Leopard Wrasse
- Six Line Wrasse
- Diamond Watchman Goby
- Jewel Blenny
- Lubock's Wrasse
- Scooter Blenny
- Blackfin Gudgeon
- Rolandi Damsel
- Domino Damsel
- Yellowtail Chromis
- Ember Blenny
- Matted Filefish
- Valetinni Puffer
- Blond Naso Tang
- Sailfin Tang
- Copperband Butterfly
- Green Mandarin Goby
- Cleaner Wrasse
- Bangaii Cardinal
- Blue Gudgeon
- Green Chromis
- Convict Tang
- Blue Tang
- Powder Blue Tang
- Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
- Pink Margin Wrasse
- Pajama Cardinal
- Bella Rose Sifter Goby
- Carpenter's Wrasse
- Red Firefish
- Spotted Hawkfish
- Green Face Wrasse
- Geometric Hawkfish
- Yellow Coris
- Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse

- Blue Legged Hermit
- Sand Sifting Starfish
- Long Spine Urchin
- Red Linkia
- Cleaner Shrimp
- Nassarius Snail
- Tuxedo Urchin
- Shrimp/Goby Pair
- Sexy Shrimp
- Randall Pistol Shrimp
- Brown Seahare
- Turbo Snail
- Blue Maxima Clam (small)

- Ultra Euphyllia
- Christmas Favia
- Ultra Echinophyllia Chalice
- Acan Lord
- Orange Pavona Maldivensis
- Croc Island Mini Scolymia
- Purple Yuma
- Red/Pink Goniopora
- Orange Scolymia Vitiensis
- Green Stylophora
- Pink Stylophora
- Pink Seriatopora Birdsnest

Thank You and we hope to see you soon!


Aquaforest Salt Now Available at Neptune Aquatics

We are proud to be a new dealer of this salt!

One of the finest salts available for coral reef aquariums,
Aquaforest Reef Salt is a fully synthetic marine salt when mixed resembles parameters found on ocean reefs as well as micronutrients and macronutrients to fulfill the demand of corals for proper growth and pigmentation. The balance of elements, along with the high-quality components used to manufacture the salt allows it to mix quickly for immediate use.

Aquaforest Reef Salt Parameters at 33ppt / 75.2°F:

Cl: 19000 - 19500 mg/l
Na: 9720 - 11880 mg/l
Mg: 1300 - 1360 mg/l
S: 810 - 990 mg/l
Ca: 410 - 430 mg/l
K: 360 - 380 mg/l
Sr: 7.2 - 8.8 mg/l
B: 4.05 - 5.0 mg/l
dKH: 7.4 - 8.2
pH: 8 - 8.2

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NEW Saltwater Fish & Inverts IN 7/9 TUES

-Blonde Naso
-Dusky Jawfish
-Yellow Clown Goby
-Multi Color Fairy Wrasse
-Hector's Goby
-Swiss Guard Basslet
-Mandarin Goby
-Ruby Red Scooter Blenny
-Yellow Eyed Kole Tang
-Royal Gramma
-Pygmy Angelfish (Cherub)
-Dogface Puffer
-Sailfin Tang
-Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse
-Blue Throat Wrasse
-Filamentous Wrasse
-Mccosker’s Wrasse
-Bellus Angelfish
-Fox Face
-Harlequin Tusk
-Mystery Wrasse
-Yellow Watchman Goby
-Midas Blenny
-Purple Firefish
-Green Chromis
-Blue Damsel

-Scarlet Leg Hermit Crabs
-Arrow Crabs
-Astrea Snail
-Turbo Snail
-Tiger Pistol Shrimp
-Randalls Pistol Shrimp
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Peppermint Shrimp
-Green Bubble Anemone
-Rose Bubble Anemone

-Yellow Torch (Captive grown)
-Green Wall Hammer
-Branching Hammer
-Master Scolymia
-Green Frogspawn
-Aussie Elegance
-Ultra Chalices

Thank You and have a wonderful week ahead!




We will be CLOSED Thursday, July 4th.

Resuming normal business hours Friday, July 5th.

Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day, Everyone!


NEW Saltwater Fish & Inverts IN 7/1 Mon


-Bella Sand Sifting Goby
-Pintail Fairy Wrasse Pairs
-Clown Trigger
-Hi-fin Anthias
-Mata Tang
-Purple Queen Anthias
-Diamond Butterfly
-Yellow Longnose Butterfly
-Lined Fairy Wrasse
-Carpenter Wrasse
-Blue Sided Fairy Wrasse
-Yellow Watchman Goby
-Blue Spotted Pufferfish
-Ruby Red Scooter Blenny
-Purple Firefish
-Orange Firefish
-Tailspot Blenny
-Redhead Stylophora Goby
-Orange Spotted Sifter Goby
-Black Chromis
-Blue Chromis
-3-stripe Damsel
-Blue Velvet Damsel
-Blue Yellow Tailed Damsel
-Blue Headed Pink Damsel
-Banded Pipefish
-Yellow Tang
-Naso Tang
-Purple Tilefish
-Sailfin Tang
-Scopas Tang
-Clown Tang
-Forktail Blenny


-Blue Linkia Starfish
-Chocolate Chip Starfish
-Anemone Shrimp