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FW Fish Arrived Today

Here's what's arriving today after 3pm:

German Blue Rams
Corydoras Aeneus Albino
Corydoras Concolor Blue
Corydoras Habrosus Dainty Cory
Corydoras Similis Violet
Ancistrus Albino LF Bushy Nose
Ancistrus Blue Eye
Clown Loach
Yoyo Loach
Zebra loach
Cardinal Tetras
Green Fire Tetras
Neon Tetra
Rainbow Emperor Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
Black Ruby Barb
Gold Barb
Rhombo Barb
Six Banded Barb
Celestial Pearl Danio
Glowlight Danio
Danio Tinwini
Danio Kyathit
Chili Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Mini Neon Green Rasbora
Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Orange Spot Torpedo Rasbora
Phoenix Rasbora
Rummynose Rasbora
Fire betta
Green Spot Betta
Vaillant Gourami
Powder Blue Gourami
Sparkling Gourami
Assorted Male Guppies
Tiger Endlers
Red Velvet Swordtail
Fork Tail Blue Eye Rainbow
Pseudomugil Luminatus
Pearl Killi

Have a wonderful week!

Neptune Aquatics


Arriving Today Cultured Plants (after 4pm)

Arriving today after 4pm Tissue Cultured plants:

Crypt Crispatula
Eleocharis Acicularis Mini
Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba Dwarf Baby Tears
Hydrocotyle Tripartita
Micranthemum Monte Carlo
Monosolenium Tenerum
Rotala Macrandra
Flame Moss
Spiky Moss
Christmas moss
Weeping Moss

Have a great week!


Coral Shipment Arrived 4/24

Here's what arrived today:'s a Euphyllia Crazy Shipment!!!! Come on by and check them out!

Branching Frogspawns
Branching Torches
Acroporas Assorted
Branching Octopus
Cultured Mushrooms

Have a wonderful week!!!


This week's new coral arrivals...(lots of Aussie branching hammer!)

This week's new coral arrivals...(lots of Aussie branching hammer!):

- Ultra Red Porite
- Aussie Marble Branching Hammer
- Aussie Toxic Green Branching Hammer
- Aussie Toxic Yellow Branching Hammer
- Indo Red Yuma
- Indo Green Yuma
- Aussie Red Goniopora
- Aussie Metallic Green Frogspawn
- Indo Red Mushroom
- Indo Blue Mushroom
- Iron Man Mushroom
- Rainbow Wellsophyllia
- Snake Polyp
- Rainbow Acan Lord
- Aussie Purple Tip Hammer
- Rainbow Tip Goniopora
- Ultra Cultured SPS
- "Walt Disney" Acro
- Aussie Orange Hammer
- Orange Lepthastrea
- Ultra Zoanthid

We also have another 30-40 pieces of Indo Frogspawn and Torches coming Monday along with awesome cherry picked SPS! Stay tuned and see you this weekend!


Arrived Plant Tissue Culture

Here's what arrived today:

Eleocharis Acicularis
Crypt Willisii
Crypt Wendtii Mi oya Red
Crypt Wendtii Green
Crypt Pygmaea
Alternanthera Reineckii Purple
Eleocharis Parvula
Dwarf Baby Tears Hemianthus Callitrichoides Cuba
Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan
Ludwigia Super Red Mini
Lobelia Cardinalis Mini
Micranthemum Monte Carlo
Pearl Moss Plagiomnium cf Affine
Rotala Pearl
Ranunculus Papulentus
Flame Moss
Christmas Moss
Christmas Moss Mini
Erect Moss

Have a great weekend!!!


FW Fish Arrival 4/19 Wednesday

Arriving 4/19 Wednesday after 3pm

Assorted Angelfish
Gold Face Electric Blue Ram
Corydoras Aeneus Bronze
Corydoras Duplicareus
Laser Green Cory
Corydoras melini
Corydoras Panda
Ancistrus Albino
Ancistrus Green Dragon
Mega Clown L340
Kuhli Loach
Burmese Rosy Loach
Black Emperor Tetra
Cherry Barb
Green Dwarf Barb
Odessa Barb
Green Tiger Barb
Celestial Pearl Danios
Siamese Algae Eater
Rianbow Shark
Roseline Sharks
Betta Rutilans Fire Betta
Assorted Guppies
Pseudomugil Gertrudae Aru IV
Gold Australe Killi
Annie's Goby
Golden Red Stiphodon Rutilaureus
Red Lip Goby

Have a wonderful week!

Neptune Aquatics