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Saltwater Fish Shipment

More Saltwater Fish & Inverts arrived:

True Percula Clownfish
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse
Ornate Leopard Wrasse
Vermiculate Leopard Wrasse Females
Blue and Red Tuxedo Urchins
Pederson Cleaner Shrimps
Scarlet Hermit Crabs
Red Leg Hermit Crabs
Ultra Lordhowensis

Have a wonderful week!

Neptune Aquatics


Arriving Wednesday 8/3

Arriving Wednesday 8/3:

Apisto Cacatuoides Super Red
German Blue Rams
Corydoras Skunk Cory
Corydoras Laser Green
corydoras Leucomelas Black Fin Cory
Corydoras Loretoensis
Corydoras Paleatus
Corydoras Panda
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Corydoras Similis
Corydoras Sterbai
Corydoras Julii
Dekeyseria Brachyura L168
Colombian Snowball Pleco L201
Hypancistrus Debilittera Colombian Zebra Pleco L129
Royal Farlowella
Gold Nugget Pleco L018
Leporacanthicus Joselimai Grey L264
Hypancistrus King Tiger Pleco L066
Orange Otocinclus
Zebra Otocinclus
Para Pleco L075
Blue Phantom Pleco L128
Green Phantom Pleco L200
Pinstripe Panaque L204
Yellow King Tiger L333
Orange Mini Bumblebee Cat Akysis Vespa
Kuhli Loach
Rosy Loach
yoyo Loach
Cardinal Tetras
Congo Tetras
Diamond Tetra
Ember Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Jelly Bean Tetra
Neon Tetra
Ruby Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
Beckford's Pencilfish
Brown Tail Pencilfish
Red Arc Pencilfish
Three Lined Pencilfish
Celestial Pearl Danio
Chili Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora
Purple Harlequin Rasbora
Narrow Wedge Rasbora
Neon Green Rasbora
Phoenix Rasbora
Vietnam White Cloud
Vaillant Chocolate Gourami
Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami
Sunset Honey Gourami
Scarlet Badis
Fork Tail Blue Eye Rainbow
Ivantsoff's Blue Eye Rainbow
Madagascar Rainbowfish
Neon Dwarf Praecox
Threadfin Rainbow
Chocolate Killie
Gold Killie
Nothobranchius Fuscotaeniatus
Gardneri Killie
Guentheri Killie
Norman's Killie

Have a wonderful week!

Neptune Aquatics


New Saltwater Fish, Corals and Inverts

Here's what arrived today:

Bartlett's Anthias
Green Cup Mushroom
Pink Tip Plate Coral
Blueberry sEa Fan
Yellow Gorgonians
Hairy Green Mushrooms
Daisy Polyps
Elegance Coral
Green Clove Polyps
Torch Corals
Green Chromis
Yasha Hase goby
Powder Brown Tang
Scopas Tang
Sailfin Tang
Clown Trigger
Tailspot Blenny
Copperband Butterfly
Bangaii Cardinal
Bali Lubbock's Wrasse
Firefish Goby
Bumblebee Goby
Antenna Goby
Yellow Watchman Goby
Starry Blenny
Tiger Pistol Shrimps
Tiger Pistol Shrimps
Randall's Pistol Shrimp
Yellow Pistol Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimps
Mandarin Goby
Yellow Foxface
White Sifter Goby
Blue Tang
Yellow Belly Blue Tang
Azure Damsel

Have a wonderful Day!!!

Neptune Aquatics


Freshwater Inverts & Plants

Just Arrived Today:

Hydrocotyle Tripartita Potted
Echinodorus Hadi Red Pearl
Amano Shrimps
Blue Rili Shrimps
Orange Rili Shrimps
Assorted Horned Nerite Snails
Red Rili Shrimps
Yellow Golden Back Shrimps
Black Carbon Shrimps

More shipments throughout the week for fish and plants. Stay tuned!


10 boxes of Delicious Corals Just Arrived!!!!

Hello Reef Enthusiasts!

We just received 10 boxes of cherry corals! Here's what came in:

Trachiphyllia Red Metallic
Blue Favia
Acanthaphyllia Orange
Turbinaria Pagoda Green
Lobophyllia Red
Lobophyllia Red Metallic
Blue Mushrooms
Bullseye Purple Metallic
Leptoseris Red Metallic
Acroporas Assorted
Phoenix Montipora
Ultra Montipora Caps
Duncal Ultra Green Branching
Echinophyllia Ultra
Peach Hammer
Torch Coral
Fungia Purple
Zoanthids Ultra
White Polyp Toadstool
Yellow Polyp Toadstool
Speckled Green Bubble Tip Anemones
Feather Dusters Colored
Ruffled Yellow Turbinaria
Orange Brain Scolymia
Yuma Mushrooms
Chalice Assorted
Lavender Msuhrooms
Platygyra Maze Brain
Favites Brain Coral
Flowering Pavona
Goniastrea Worm
Brain Coral Favites
Devil's Hand Leather Coral
Yellow Toadstool
Acan Lordhowensis Ultra color
Daily Green
Flower Pot
Wilsoni Brain
Radioactive Dragon eye Zoas
Eagle Eye Zoas
Cat's Paw Polyps
Assorted SPS
Banded Trochus Snails

....SOOOOO many more came in! Come on by and check them out!


Fluval Aquarium Tank Sets In Stock!!!

Fluval Aquarium Peninsula Tank Sets Are Here!!!!

FW Fluval Spec 5 gal.
SW Fluval Evo 5 gal.
SW Fluval Evo 13.5 gal

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