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Plants Arrival Tues 7/8

Here's the list of plants that arrived today:

Ludwigia Inclinata
Ludwigia Arcuata
Ludwigia Repens
Rotala Indica
Ludwigia Peruensis Diamond
Ludwigia Ovalis
Ludwigia Palustris Red
Ludwigia Repens Rubin
Nomaphilia Siamensis Dwarf
Anubias Barteri Broad Leaf
Lobelia Cardinalis
Anubias Golden
Anubias Nana Petite

Have a great week!

Neptune Aquatics


New Saltwater Corals, Fish, and Inverts

Hello Everyone!

Here's what arrived Yesterday (Monday):

Purple Fan Gorgonian
Green Torch
Metallic Hammers
Platygyra Coral
Six Line Wrasse
Red Scooter Blenny
purple Fire Fish
Green Gumdrop Gobies
Four Wheel Drive
Bumble Bee Goby
Filament Flasher Wrasse
Porcelain Crabs
Peppermint Shrimps
Cleaner Shrimps
Mexican Turbo Snails
Rose Anemones
Green Bubble Anemones
Red Gonioporas
Azure Damsel
Bi Color Chromis
Yellow Gumdrops
Talbot Damsels

Have a great week!!!

Neptune Aquatics


FW Fish & Inverts Arrival

Hello All!

We just received these today. More to come as the week progresses....

Amano Shrimps
Bamboo Shrimps
Leopard Danios Assorted
Zebra Longfin Danios

Have an awesome Monday!!!

Neptune Aquatics


We are Open July 4th Friday

We will be open Friday July 4th from 11am to 3pm.

-Neptune Aquatics


Majano Wand

Majano Wand Back in Stock!!!

The purpose of the Majano Wand is to eliminate Majano Anemones in hobbyist aquariums, as these Anemones are pests. Majano Anemones are pests because they harm fish and coral. Such “pest” Anemones that are inadvertently added to aquariums can multiply very quickly in closed aquarium systems.

The Majano Wand does not kill by electrocution, there is never any electricity going into the water. The Majano Wand operates on the principal that when electricity is properly emitted into salt water it produces two gases. One of these gases is hydrogen, which is generated at the stainless steel tip. Hydrogen is the lightest element on earth, which converts into a gas when created, and the gas form of hydrogen is larger than the liquid size of salt water. When the probe of the Majano Wand touches the Majano tissue, it causes the water in the cells of the Majano to turn into hydrogen. These animals are mostly water so the Majano is forced to expand from the inside out at a rapid and drastic scale, which literally disintegrates any living Majano tissue instantly.

The Majano Wand operates on low voltage and will not shock you if your hand, or any part of your body, is in the water. However, care must be taken to ensure safety as the tip of the Majano Wand is sharp.

The entire Majano Wand (including the grey wire) can be submerged in water, but do not get the push button or power adapter wet.

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New FW Shipment

Shipment for the week:


Blyxa Japonica
Ulvaceous Aponogeton
Brazilian Pennywort
Crypt Balansae
Onion Plants Dwarf
Dwarf Lily Bulbs
Dwarf Hairgrass
Dwarf Baby Tears

More Plants Arriving Thursday July 3rd:
Tiger Lotus, Red
Cabomba Green
Cabomba Purple (Red)
Creeping Charlie
Heteranthera Stargrass (Heteranthera zosterfolia)
Hygrophila Pinnatifida
Myrio, Filigree
Nesaea pedicellata 'Golden'
Nesaea Red
Rotala Indica
Rotala macrandra
Rotala Wallichii
Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera reineckii)

FISH....(Arriving Thursday July 3rd)

German Blue Rams
Gold Rams
Apisto Hongsloi II
Apisto Double Red Agassizi
Corydoras Paleatus Salt & Pepper Cory
Corydoras Pygmaeus
Corydoras Schwartzi
Corydoras Julii
Otocinclus Zebra and Regular
Clown Pleco L104
Pinstripe Panaque L204
Dwarf Bumble Bee Cat Microsynodontis
Yellow Pygmy Cat Hyalobagrus Flavus
Kuhli Loach
Congo Tetra
Serpae Tetra
Rummy Nose Tetra
Yellow Phantom Tetra
Neon Tetra
Cardinal Tetra
Ruby Tetra
Siamese Algae Eater
Exclamation Point Rasbora
Neon Green Rasbora Kubotai
Pork Chop Rasbora
Croaking Gourami
Vaillant Gourami
Dwarf Red Flame Gourami
Dwarf Regular Gourami
Scarlet Badis Badis
Red Velvet Swordtail
Boesemani Rainbow
Praecox Rainbow Neon Dwarf
Rachovii Killi
Australe Killi
Halfbeak Red Fin Dermogenys Pusillus
African Dwarf Frog
Irian Red Rainbow Paskai
Singapore Shrimp
Madagascar Rainbowfish
Amano Shrimps

Have a great week!

Neptune Aquatics