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Meet Our Team

So, you're interested in who we are? Well, here's the team that makes it happin', captin'! Here's a quick blurb about who we are. If you want to know more about us, then come on down and say "HI!" We love to hear from you!!


"The Boss" Robert    
 Robert's been in the hobby since he was in high school and started off with both a marine fish only system as well as a freshwater community tank. Ever since then, he's been on and off and on again until well... he owned a store!! He worked at a LFS during his college years for a while and then was slowly lured to the dark si... er,  to the reefing aspect once he started making enough money to throw down some hard cash on awesome brown corals! Yesh!! His background is in engineering, so you'll often find him in and out the store usually with his hands busy adjusting stuff or chit chatting with customers. If not, you'll see him all over the forums!

"The 'Real' Boss"
 Ah yes... the other half. Cerissa's been in the hobby for as long as she's been with Robert. Ever since taking over Neptune, she has been a passionate cichlid enthusiasts  as well as a coral fanatic. Who could blame her? I mean... have you SEEN her freakin' nano tank and the Malawian display tank? Seriously, it's insane! She LOVES doing administrative work so you'll often catch her in the office playing farmville processing online orders and coordinating a lot of stuffs. 

"The Reefer (No, not that 'Reefer')"
 SPS gives this guy wet dream. He does Kung Fu that Chuck Norris will be proud of. Nuff' said.

"Blow Pop"

Versed in both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, Jimmy has been doing this since he was practically engineered from a test tube in a lab on the far side of the moon. Always in an upbeat mood, you could always count on him to get your questions answered! His fish room alone is nearing the total capacity of Neptune and with recent aquatic acquisitions, he will probably surpass it in a couple years. He spends a significant portion of his life performing water changes as a result of that. 


"The Tube Steak Champion"
 What can we say? Sharp, short, and snazzy... Split his head open and out gushes a fountain of knowledge ranging from treating your fishes, dipping your corals, ideal plant placement, optimum filtration methods, what fishes you should put in with your adult goliath grouper (hint: NONE!!!!), why the sky is blue, and so on and so forth. Yeah, this nutcase aquatic professional knows a lot... and he doens't even have ONE fish tank....yet!  Whaaaa?! Whatever you do, keep the Vietnamese sandwich away from him. He'll get attached to it like Benjoe to a chicken jerky. Yes, we're lucky to have him and so will you!

"Jedi Master" Tu    

One of the latest addition to our crackteam, Tu's a through and through freshwater guy that knows quite a bit about planted tanks, shrimps, and tropical fishes in general. He is like the Jedi Master of planted ecosystems and we are but his Padawans... Be careful around him because he sometimes uses his Jedi Mindtrick on you resulting in you walking out with a armful of new equipments and plants when all you really wanted was a neon tetra... and then you come back next time determined to get that neon tetra  but walk out with even more stuff! Why?!!!

Why, why, why do we like to torture ourselves with these kids??! Nah, just kidding! Even though it takes him 10 minutes to park properly without running Ben-Joe over, there's a wealth of knowledge that he brings to our team.  Just like all our team members, he's passionate about the hobby in general, whether it's fresh water planted aquarium or reefing. Besides, it’s always great to encourage victims kids like him into this hobby! Alvin geeks out on plants, Discus, and skinny jeans, so feel free to geek out with him anytime!


Darwin...the Zoa Fanatic! And Alvin's Twin!!!  

Yep, that's right!  He is our Zoanthid Guru!  Darwin's laid back and easy going kinda guy.... easy to get along with and he seems always unusually happy...Oh...and did I mention that he looks just like Alvin?    He had us fooled at one point as he strolls right into our store and pretends to be one of our staff!!!  LOL!!!

"That Loud Dude"

We really don't know where this guy came from... He just strolled into our fortress one day and demanded to be a part of the team... "or else." We all just kinda gawked at him for a moment and then Robert was like... ummm... ok???  You'll usually hear him waayyy before seeing him. Suprisingly, he knows a heck of a lot about reefing so bug him with your questions when you get the chance to meet him.


"That Dude" Sergio   
A great all-around guy in the shop with a weird sense of humor! Sergio is the "go to" guy when you have a bunch of questions you want to ask but afraid to do so with the always grumpy Robert. He will take all the time in the world to make sure you understand the answer but sometimes follows with an out of the blue comment that makes you scratch your head til you go bald. So, be extra careful if you are already going bald like Robert when you talk to Sergio. BTW...this guys is the only person that managed to lost our trash key with a 5 lbs weight on it...hmmm...


"The Random Guy That Comes In And Out" Thai    
 Mysteriously appearing and disappearing... you'll never know when you'll see this guy. He's actually Robert's brother (yes, we know, they share absolutely no physical similarity.... it's apparently clear that Robert received all the good genetics). He's also the guy that manages Neptune's IT-related needs so when Robert ask him to put a shiny button on the site, you can bet it'll take him 3 months to swiftly get it done. Always reliable, that guy.

"The Dog"
 No relations to the other Joe, this is the dog that keeps the place in check... when he's not sleeping... or pooping.

Meet Our Team
"The Dirty Sanchez" Adolfo    
 Here's a guy you don't see everyday. Quick-witted and eager to please, they don't get anymore creative than Adolfo. He's experimented with all sorts of contraptions for keeping his tank up and running so feel free to ask him for unique answers to your peculiar problems. If he can't solve it, it may be time for the shrink.

 "The Prodigy" Nate    
 This kid (literally!) knows more about SPS than anyone we've ever met.. and he's still in high school! Still wet behind the ears, but when it comes to them coral sticks-thingy, he can give you their scientific names in 3 different languages with 4 different dialects(just kidding about the language part!... or are we?). How he manages to afford all the corals, we're still trying to figure that one out because we know he ain't getting it from us! 

"The Tattoo Dude"
 They don't get much laid back than this fella! Don't be fooled by his appearance and good-nature, because he might surprise you with a dose of reefing knowledge here and there! He's one of our most avid fragmaster and has grown to be brutally efficient and precise at serving up all the awesome frags you see at Neptunes'! 

"The Mad Scientist"
 Kraylen don't just kick the coral fragging world up a notch, he shatters it... then melts it back down, re-shapes it , hone it down, hardens it, then shatters it again! He has elevated our fragging technique into an artform. It's like when Ying met Yang! You can thank him for some of the most unique looking frags you'll ever come across... Some where you'll go, "hey, now why didn't I thought of that?," then proceed to kicking yourself repeatedly for not doing it. Yep, that's why'll you see Robert walking weird sometimes...

"The Shy Dude" Bryan    
Head of Neptune's Tattoo Hit Squad, this dude is like the Yakuza of the coral world!... Except he doesn't actually do any Yakuza-ish stuff, but instead groom and take care of frags like a seasoned thousand year old samurai! A bit shy but once you get to know him, you can pick his brain dry, like a sun-dried tomato. Oh, and he has some of the most wicked aqua scaping ideas!

"Sith Lord" Glen

An active member of SFBAAPS, Glen is a great resource for those of you who are into planted tanks! We're glad he decided to join our dysfunctional team, even if it's for a day or two a week, so don't be afraid to squeeze him for info when you get a chance!!


...just Fred....
Laid back...very approachable Fred.  If you ever have questions about can count on Fred to help you out.  

Neat Pictures!