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Reef Nutrition Roti-Feast 6 oz.

SKU: DG913
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For superior color, vitality and growth-rates Roti-Feast is a highly nutritious plankton feed perfect for hardcorals, larval fish, and other reef carnivores that feed on small zooplankton. Rotifers are a critical feed used in marine fish and invertebrate hatcheries around the world.

Enriched and packed with nutrients

* Roti-Feast™ ontains five million fully intact marine rotifers Brachionus plicatilis with millions of eggs!
* Grown and enriched with Instant Algae™ and Phyto-Feast™ for an optimum nutritional profile.
* Contains a diverse nutritional profile including critical phyto-pigments, fatty acids and proteins.

* Super Concentrate - 5 million rotifers in the 6 ounce bottle, and 14 million rotifers in the 16 ounce bottle (Brachionus plicatilis, 150-275 microns) and millions eggs (40-75 microns), gut-packed with Phyto-Feast.
* Basic Nutrition - Proteins, Fatty Acids, and Amino Acids that will increase bio-metabolism without the addition of significant amounts of nitrates or phosphates Nutritionally critical elements (Carotenoids, Sterols, Omega-3’s & Omega-6’s, and Essential Amino Acids) Fully Intact - no “leaking” nutrients, fully bioavailable
* Non Clumping - size appropriate for reef organisms
* Rotifers are used extensively in professional hatcheries all over the world. They are preferred for digestibility, size, nutritional profile (when enriched) and almost universal acceptability by marine organisms.

Feeding / Dosage

2.5 teaspoons (.4 ounces) per 100 gallons. Feed daily and increase dosage as needed. Before feeding turn the bottle upside down and gently swirl the contents to bring them into suspension.

Add to high flow area of tank or premix in a cup of tank water. Target Feeding undiluted product is not advised”

Roti-Feast is a preserved product available in 6 ounce, 16 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. Roti-Feast contains whole and intact biological organisms in a media with benign food grade additives. No phosphates added. For longest shelf life, all Roti-Feast should be refrigerated before and after opening.

Shipping Information: You will be charged for the total amount of the product + tax (if applicable) + $10 for insulated shipping box with ice pack. A shipping quote will be emailed to you after we have already received your order and initial payment. You are responsible for paying for the shipping of your order.