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SW FISH Arrived MON 2/17

SW Fish Arrived MON 2/17:

Mimic Tang
Yellow Foxface
Glue Green Chromis
Pajama Cardinals
Bimaculatus Scribbled Anthias
Colletie Reef Basslet
Yellow Clown Gumdrop
Purple Firefish
REd Firefish
Scissortail Dartfish
Red Scooter
Tamarin Yellow Tail Wrasse
Six Line Wrasses
Temminck's Wrasse
Gold Head Sifter
Cleaner Wrasse Blue Line
McCosker's Wrasse SM
Debelius Adornatus Wrasse
Beautiful Fusilier Teres
Strawberry Conch
Blue Striped Knuckle Hermit
Chocolate Chip Starfish
Blue Linkia
Tiger Cowrie
Red Urchin
Blue Tuxedo Urchin
Nassarius Snails
Twinspot 4 Wheel Goby
Orange Prawn Goby

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