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San Jose, CA 95112
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Monday - Friday: 11am to 7pm
Saturday\Sunday: 11am to 6pm

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SW Fish Arrived TODAY 3/15

Just in TODAY:

Smith Blenny
coral beauty
Blue Eye Cardinal
Gold Angel
Buranneus Wrasse
Assorted Wrasses
Peppermint Shrimps
Emerald Crabs
Flame Scalops
Blue Damsel
Azure Damsel
Algae Blenny
Fiji Mulaneris
Flasher Wrasses
Blue Cleaner Wrasse
Wheeler Goby
Assorted Dotty Back
Bangaii Cardinal
Purple Firefish
Mandarin Goby
Ranford's Goby
Picture Wrasse
Bicolor Blenny
Geen Gumdrop
Gold Bar Maroon Clown
Assorted Gobies
Bicolor Foxface
pygmy angel
Royal Gramma
Coral Banded Shrimp

Have a great week!