Neptune Aquatics

1238 N. 5th St.
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Discontinued

Monday - Friday: 11am to 7pm
Saturday\Sunday: 11am to 6pm

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NEW Saltwater Fish & Inverts IN 7/9 TUES

-Blonde Naso
-Dusky Jawfish
-Yellow Clown Goby
-Multi Color Fairy Wrasse
-Hector's Goby
-Swiss Guard Basslet
-Mandarin Goby
-Ruby Red Scooter Blenny
-Yellow Eyed Kole Tang
-Royal Gramma
-Pygmy Angelfish (Cherub)
-Dogface Puffer
-Sailfin Tang
-Crescent Tail Fairy Wrasse
-Blue Throat Wrasse
-Filamentous Wrasse
-Mccosker’s Wrasse
-Bellus Angelfish
-Fox Face
-Harlequin Tusk
-Mystery Wrasse
-Yellow Watchman Goby
-Midas Blenny
-Purple Firefish
-Green Chromis
-Blue Damsel

-Scarlet Leg Hermit Crabs
-Arrow Crabs
-Astrea Snail
-Turbo Snail
-Tiger Pistol Shrimp
-Randalls Pistol Shrimp
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Peppermint Shrimp
-Green Bubble Anemone
-Rose Bubble Anemone

-Yellow Torch (Captive grown)
-Green Wall Hammer
-Branching Hammer
-Master Scolymia
-Green Frogspawn
-Aussie Elegance
-Ultra Chalices

Thank You and have a wonderful week ahead!