Neptune Aquatics

1238 N. 5th St.
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone Discontinued

Monday - Friday: 11am to 7pm
Saturday\Sunday: 11am to 6pm

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NEW Saltwater Fish & Inverts IN 8/21 WEDs

-Blue Tang
-Ocellaris Clownfish
-Sebae Clownfish
-Tomato Clownfish
-Sea Horse
-Lyre-tail Anthias
-Flame Fin Tomini Tang
-Matted Filefish
-Neon Velvet Damsel
-Niger Trigger Fish
-Mandarin Goby
-Yellow Tailed Damsel
-Two-stripe Damsel
-Ambdon Damsel
-Bella Rose Sifter Goby
-Harlequin Tusk Fish
-Dragon Wrasse
-Multi-Banded Pipefish
-Copperband Butterfly
-Eibli Angelfish
-Eibli Mimic Tang
-Diamond Goby
-Sixline Wrasse
-Golden Headed Sifter Goby
-Social/Longfin Wrasse
-Bimaculatus Anthias
-Majestic Angelfish
-Powder Blue Tang
-Powder Brown Tang
-Randalls Goby

-Coral Banded Shrimp
-Female Fiddler Crab
-Red Scarlet Hermit Crab
-Chocolate Chip Starfish
-Peppermint Shrimp
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Tiger Pistol Shrimp
-Hermit Crab
-Emerald Crab
-Brown Seahare
-Fire Shrimp
-Nassarius Snail