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Saltwater Fish Arrived MON 4/29/19


-Melanurus Wrasse
-Scopas Tang
-Dragon Wrasse
-Royal Gramma
-Spotted Maradin Goby
-True Percula Clownfish
-Banggai Cardinalfish
-Four Stripe Damsel
-Purple Firefish
-Bella Rose Goby
-Cleaner Wrasse
-Ruby Red Scooter Blenny
-Pintail Fairy Wrasse
-Moorish Idol
-Sunburst Anthias
-Green Filefish
-Sailfin Tang
-Bi Color Blenny
-Red Coris Wrasse
-Tomini Tang
-Diamond Goby
-Clown Tang
-Midas Blenny
-Longfin/Social Wrasse
-Blonde Naso
-Powder Brown Tang
-Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
-Atlantic Pygmy Angelfish
-Christmas Wrasse


-Red Gorgonia
-Arrow Crabs
-Purple Banded Shrimp
-Globe Urchin
-Cleaner Shrimp
-Peppermint Shrimp
-Tiger Pistol Shrimp
-Red Tile Starfish
-Anemone Crab