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Eheim Ultra G160 External Canister Filter (Pro 3 2075 / 600 ) w/ Media

SKU: DG1677
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Eheim Ultra G160 External Canister Filter (Pro 3 2075 / 600 ) w/ Media

Discover the new world of the EHEIM Ultra G160 Filter

* powerful output
* very quiet smooth running
* high energy efficiency
* top EHEIM quality
* new design
* ready to start

1. Integrated automatic self priming for quick filling of the canister

2. Safety hose adapters with easy to use locking mechanism - the adapter can only be opened when the hose taps are closed

3. Top of canister prefilter securely traps larger dirt particles, significantly increasing maintenance intervals of the biomedia. Simple to remove and easy to clean

4. Individually fillable filter baskets Complete with original EHEIM filter media

High quality ceramic spindle and sleeve guarantee very quiet running smoothness and extremely long life

Everything included - Ready to start
Completely equipped with filter media and all installation accessories


Model: G160
Aquariums up to: 63-158 gallons
Pump Output: 330 gallons/hour
Delivery Head Approx: 5.90 Hmax ft
Power Consumption: 16 watts
Dimensions: 1.48 x 0.78 x 0.80 ft
Only 16 Watts Power Consumption*

*when compared to other canister filters in its class, the Ultra G’s are 20-75% more energy efficient. Eheim Ultra G65, G90 and G160, the Ultra Green Choice!